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Practical driving test Maneuvers (With Videos)

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4 Practical driving test maneuvers

One of the reasons why we think people should not fail the practical driving test car assessment during manoeuvres is that this is the only time when not only do you know what is expected of you, but if you've had enough practice, then you can totally predict the outcome of the exercise, and therefore guarantee that you will pass on your maneuvers.... hopefully anyway.

The 4 driving test maneuvers that you need to fully learn, practice and master are:

1) The turn in the road (not a 3 point turn, as you might need to do a 5 point turn on a narrow road – remember this).

2) Reverse parking exercise also known as parallel parking.


3) Bay parking maneuver You need to learn doing this both to the left and right even though you will have a choice of which direction you perform the exercise.


4) Left reverse round a corner. If you take the test in a van with no vision through the rear windscreen then you will have to reverse to the right.


See our TV page for more videos on Manoeuvres.

The only other thing that the examiner might ask you to do which is not a manoeuvre is the emergency stop, and you will also be told well in advance if this is performed.

As a learner driver who wants to pass the driving test, your preparations with a driving instructor or your supervising driver (family member or friend) would therefore be to thoroughly practice these maneuvers until you are fully confident you can do each one of them without any help. There is no point in turning up for a practical driving test if you are still struggling with one of the maneuvers as basically you are gambling and hoping you don't get the exercise or hope to fluke it on the test, which doesn't give you a very good chance of passing.

Maneuvers Secrets

Here is a driving test secret that should help you with your manoeuvres.

No matter which exercise you are doing, the key to success on the test if you've fully prepared yourself via enough practice, is to keep the car very slow and take effective observations.

The reason you need to keep the car very slow during your driving test manoeuvres is that it enables you to maintain control of the car and even make the manoeuvre easier to perform because any mistakes made will not result in a very big change in the vehicle's position as the car wouldn't have travelled far and the error can be corrected quickly. The other advantage of being slow during manoeuvres is that you can still check your reference points as well as take effective observations, which is where a lot of test candidates fail because they concentrate so hard on not hitting the kerb or getting into the bay they forget to look around and don't see the hazard presented by a pedestrian or car approaching.

There is no time limit the DSA examiner can put on a driving test maneuver. If there is a reason for you to stop, then stop and wait until it is safe to continue. This is very important especially on the left reverse round the corner exercise which I consider to be hardest driving test maneuver and can be dangerous if you happen to be doing it on a busy road or at a crossroad with lots of traffic including pedestrians, so don't be in a rush.

Learner dricver driving test 4 manoevres to learn and videos 

Drivers need to be completely focussed when performing ANY manoevre

Obervations during maneuvers.

The reason you need to make effective observations during your maneuvers is that other road users have priority and should be given way to, and for this reason, the dsa examiner is not just looking for head movements, but making sure that you actually see and recognise potential hazards.

If you see anything moving during a maneuver, the first thing you need to stop and make sure that the vehicle or pedestrian is not going to be endangered by your maneuvering. If it is, then stop and let it get out of your way. If a car stops for you while permoning a maneuver, it is important that you keep an eye on them, as some peope get impatient and will try and get round you.

If you stop because of a hazard, make sure you have a good look all around you before moving off again (POM), as your attention on one car, might mean you miss a pedesrian or a bicycle.

Good luck everyone!

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Practical driving test Maneuvers (With Videos)

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