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Practical driving test centre pass rates - detailed here from A - Z

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The national average pass rate is 47% according to the DSA and in 2010, 1.6 millions people took the practical car driving test. What does the test centre near you say in terms of pass rates?

Now, it's a MASSIVE list, however, it's all in alphabetical order every test centre in the United Kingdom just for you guys. Have  a look at our list below:  

Aberdeen (Balgownie Road) Driving Test Centre                                 52.00% pass rate
Aberdeen Driving Test Centre                                                              56.80% pass rate
Abergavenny Driving Test Centre                                                         57.60% pass rate
Aberystwyth (Park Avenue) Driving Test Centre                                   56.80% pass rate
Airdrie Driving Test Centre                                                                    47.80% pass rate
Alness Driving Test Centre                                                                   62.10% pass rate
Alnwick Driving Test Centre                                                                  59.70% pass rate
Arbroath Driving Test Centre                                                                61.50% pass rate
Ashfield Driving Test Centre                                                                 54.70% pass rate
Ashford (Kent) Driving Test Centre                                                       57.90% pass rate
Ashford (Middlesex) Driving Test Centre                                              51.60% pass rate
Atherton Driving Test Centre                                                                54.40% pass rate
Aylesbury Driving Test Centre                                                              49.80% pass rate
Ayr Driving Test Centre                                                                        52.20% pass rate


Bala Driving Test Centre                                                                      48.40% pass rate
Ballachulish Driving Test Centre                                                          50.00% pass rate
Ballater Driving Test Centre                                                                 76.20% pass rate
Banbury Driving Test Centre                                                                53.50% pass rate
Banff Driving Test Centre                                                                     61.60% pass rate
Bangor Driving Test Centre                                                                  53.00% pass rate
Barking Driving Test Centre                                                                 39.20% pass rate
Barnet Driving Test Centre                                                                   39.60% pass rate
Barnsley Driving Test Centre                                                               43.30% pass rate
Barnstaple Driving Test Centre                                                            55.70% pass rate
Barra Island Driving Test Centre                                                          50.00% pass rate
Barrow In Furness Driving Test Centre                                                64.00% pass rate
Barry Driving Test Centre                                                                     53.50% pass rate
Basildon Driving Test Centre                                                               42.20% pass rate
Basingstoke Driving Test Centre                                                         52.70% pass rate
Bathgate Driving Test Centre                                                              51.70% pass rate
Bedford Driving Test Centre                                                                48.30% pass rate
Belvedere Driving Test Centre                                                            39.50% pass rate
Benbecula Island Driving Test Centre                                                 66.00% pass rate
Berwick-On-Tweed Driving Test Centre                                              64.20% pass rate
Beverley LVG Driving Test Centre                                                      UNKNOWN
Birmingham (Kings Heath) Driving Test Centre                                  44.60% pass rate
Birmingham (Kingstanding) Driving Test Centre                                 42.30% pass rate
Birmingham (Shirley) Driving Test Centre                                           51.20% pass rate
Birmingham (South Yardley) Driving Test Centre                                42.00% pass rate
Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) Driving Test Centre                             49.70% pass rate
Birmingham (Garrets Green ) Driving Test Centre                              45.20% pass rate
Bishops Stortford Driving Test Centre                                                 47.20% pass rate
Blackburn with Darwen Driving Test Centre                                        48.50% pass rate
Blackpool Driving Test Centre                                                             50.40% pass rate
Bletchley Driving Test Centre                                                              53.50% pass rate
Blyth Driving Test Centre                                                                     56.80% pass rate
Bodmin Driving Test Centre                                                                 54.10% pass rate
Bolton Driving Test Centre                                                                   54.90% pass rate
Borehamwood Driving Test Centre                                                      48.80% pass rate
Boston Driving Test Centre                                                                  64.10% pass rate
Bournemouth Driving Test Centre                                                        54.60% pass rate
Bradford (Heaton) Driving Test Centre                                                 36.90% pass rate
Bradford (Thornbury) Driving Test Centre                                            40.30% pass rate
Brecon Driving Test Centre                                                                  63.10% pass rate
Bredbury Driving Test Centre                                                               51.30% pass rate
Brentwood Driving Test Centre                                                            38.60% pass rate
Bridgend Driving Test Centre                                                               54.70% pass rate
Bridlington Driving Test Centre                                                            55.40% pass rate
Bristol (Brislington) Driving Test Centre                                               57.50% pass rate
Bristol (Southmead) Driving Test Centre                                             54.90% pass rate
Bristol (Kingswood) Driving Test Centre                                              49.70% pass rate
Brodick (Isle of Arran) Driving Test Centre                                          UNKNOWN 
Buckie Driving Test Centre                                                                  59.00% pass rate
Burgess Hill Driving Test Centre                                                          54.10% pass rate
Burton on Trent Driving Test Centre                                                    49.00% pass rate
Bury St Edmunds Driving Test Centre                                                 52.60% pass rate
Buxton Driving Test Centre                                                                  61.80% pass rate


Callander Driving Test Centre                                                              52.50% pass rate
Camborne Driving Test Centre                                                             55.40% pass rate
Cambridge (Chesterton Road) Driving Test Centre                              56.00% pass rate
Cambridge (Cowley Road) Driving Test Centre                                    54.50% pass rate
Campbeltown Driving Test Centre                                                        UNKNOWN-
Cannock Driving Test Centre                                                                54.70% pass rate
Canterbury Driving Test Centre                                                            45.70% pass rate
Cardiff (Fairwater) Driving Test Centre                                                 56.00% pass rate
Cardigan Driving Test Centre                                                               61.50% pass rate
Carlisle Driving Test Centre                                                                  58.20% pass rate
Carmarthen Driving Test Centre                                                           55.80% pass rate
Castle Douglas Driving Test Centre                                                      50.50% pass rate
Cheetham Hill Driving Test Centre                                                       46.90% pass rate
Chelmsford Driving Test Centre                                                           41.90% pass rate
Cheltenham Driving Test Centre                                                          49.50% pass rate
Chertsey Driving Test Centre                                                               50.60% pass rate
Chester Driving Test Centre                                                                 47.10% pass rate
Chesterfield Driving Test Centre                                                          47.90% pass rate
Chichester Driving Test Centre                                                            53.90% pass rate
Chingford Driving Test Centre                                                              44.60% pass rate
Chippenham Driving Test Centre                                                         53.90% pass rate
Chorley Driving Test Centre                                                                 54.30% pass rate
Clacton-on-Sea Driving Test Centre                                                    47.60% pass rate
Colchester Driving Test Centre                                                            41.40% pass rate
Coventry Driving Test Centre                                                               41.60% pass rate
Crawley Driving Test Centre                                                                48.50% pass rate
Crewe Driving Test Centre                                                                   54.70% pass rate
Crieff Driving Test Centre                                                                     63.70% pass rate
Croydon Driving Test Centre                                                                45.30% pass rate
Cumnock Driving Test Centre                                                               64.70% pass rate


Darlington Driving Test Centre                                                             50.40% pass rate
Derby Driving Test Centre                                                                    53.60% pass rate
Doncaster Driving Test Centre                                                             50.00% pass rate
Dorchester Driving Test Centre                                                            62.40% pass rate
Dumbarton Driving Test Centre                                                            51.20% pass rate
Dumfries Driving Test Centre                                                               50.60% pass rate
Dundee Driving Test Centre                                                                 52.40% pass rate
Dunfermline Driving Test Centre                                                          49.50% pass rate
Dunoon Driving Test Centre                                                                 68.60% pass rate
Duns Driving Test Centre                                                                     56.90% pass rate
Durham Meadowfield Driving Test Centre                                            60.80% pass rate


Eastbourne Driving Test Centre                                                           50.70% pass rate
Edinburgh (Currie) Driving Test Centre                                                48.20% pass rate
Edinburgh (Musselburgh) Driving Test Centre                                     52.40% pass rate
Elgin Driving Test Centre                                                                     52.20% pass rate
Elswick Driving Test Centre                                                                 43.90% pass rate
Enfield Driving Test Centre                                                                  46.20% pass rate
Erith Driving Test Centre                                                                      45.30% pass rate
Exeter Driving Test Centre                                                                   53.10% pass rate


Failsworth Driving Test Centre                                                             44.80% pass rate
Falkirk Driving Test Centre                                                                   52.10% pass rate
Farnborough Driving Test Centre                                                         57.20% pass rate
Folkestone Driving Test Centre                                                            53.50% pass rate
Forfar Driving Test Centre                                                                    59.30% pass rate
Fort William Driving Test Centre                                                           71.90% pass rate
Fraserburgh Driving Test Centre                                                          56.30% pass rate


Gairloch Driving Test Centre                                                                 UNKNOWN
Galashiels Driving Test Centre                                                             62.10% pass rate
Garston Driving Test Centre                                                                 51.60% pass rate
Gateshead Driving Test Centre                                                            47.50% pass rate
Gillingham Driving Test Centre                                                             47.70% pass rate
Girvan Driving Test Centre                                                                   54.90% pass rate
Glasgow (Anniesland) Driving Test Centre                                          47.80% pass rate
Glasgow (Baillieston) Driving Test Centre                                           44.20% pass rate
Glasgow (Springburn Park) Driving Test Centre                                  46.20% pass rate
Glasgow (Shieldhall) Driving Test Centre                                            40.80% pass rate
Gloucester Driving Test Centre                                                             51.70% pass rate
Golspie Driving Test Centre                                                                  UNKNOWN-
Goodmayes Driving Test Centre                                                           40.60% pass rate
Grantham Driving Test Centre                                                                64.30% pass rate
Grantown-On-Spey Driving Test Centre                                                 UNKNOWN -
Gravesend Driving Test Centre                                                              UNKNOWN-
Greenford Driving Test Centre                                                               47.20% pass rate
Greenock Driving Test Centre                                                                54.10% pass rate
Grimsby Driving Test Centre                                                                  45.40% pass rate
Guildford Driving Test Centre                                                                 58.70% pass rate


Haddington Driving Test Centre                                                             61.00% pass rate
Halifax Driving Test Centre                                                                    51.60% pass rate
Hamilton Driving Test Centre                                                                 41.20% pass rate
Hartlepool Driving Test Centre                                                               54.70% pass rate
Hastings Driving Test Centre                                                                 47.20% pass rate
Hawick Driving Test Centre                                                                    62.30% pass rate
Hayes Driving Test Centre                                                                     44.00% pass rate
Heckmondwike Driving Test Centre                                                       42.20% pass rate
Hendon Driving Test Centre                                                                   45.30% pass rate
Hereford Driving Test Centre                                                                  54.90% pass rate
Herne Bay Driving Test Centre                                                               49.10% pass rate
Hexham Driving Test Centre                                                                   53.80% pass rate
Heysham Driving Test Centre                                                                 55.90% pass rate
High Wycombe Driving Test Centre                                                        55.90% pass rate
Hinckley Driving Test Centre                                                                   54.60% pass rate
Hither Green Driving Test Centre                                                            43.00% pass rate
Hornchurch Driving Test Centre                                                              44.40% pass rate
Horsforth Driving Test Centre                                                                  50.30% pass rate
Huddersfield Driving Test Centre                                                             49.90% pass rate
Hull Driving Test Centre                                                                           47.80% pass rate
Huntly Driving Test Centre                                                                       61.20% pass rate
Hyde Driving Test Centre                                                                         55.40% pass rate


Inveraray Driving Test Centre                                                                    UNKNOWN -
Inverness Driving Test Centre                                                                  51.40% pass rate
Inverurie Driving Test Centre                                                                    65.60% pass rate
Ipswich Driving Test Centre                                                                      56.70% pass rate
Irvine Driving Test Centre                                                                         50.30% pass rate
Island of Mull (Salen) Driving Test Centre                                                  UNKNOWN
Islay Island Driving Test Centre                                                                  UNKNOWN
Isle of Skye (Broadford) Driving Test Centre                                              UNKNOWN
Isle of Skye (Portree) Driving Test Centre                                                  UNKNOWN
Isle of Tiree Driving Test Centre                                                                 UNKNOWN
Isleworth Driving Test Centre                                                                    48.30% pass rate


Kelso Driving Test Centre                                                                          67.40% pass rate
Kendal Driving Test Centre                                                                        69.50% pass rate
Kettering Driving Test Centre                                                                     50.40% pass rate
Kilmarnock Driving Test Centre                                                                 45.80% pass rate
Kings Lynn Driving Test Centre                                                                  51.50% pass rate
Kingussie Driving Test Centre                                                                     UNKNOWN
Kirkcaldy Driving Test Centre                                                                     52.30% pass rate
Knaresborough Driving Test Centre                                                           56.90% pass rate
Kyle of Lochalsh Driving Test Centre                                                          UNKNOWN-


Lairg Driving Test Centre                                                                            UNKNOWN -
Lampeter Driving Test Centre                                                                    63.90% pass rate
Lanark Driving Test Centre                                                                        43.40% pass rate
Launceston Driving Test Centre                                                                58.40% pass rate
Lee on the Solent Driving Test Centre                                                       54.00% pass rate
Leeds Driving Test Centre                                                                         40.50% pass rate
Leicester (Gipsy Lane) Driving Test Centre                                               45.10% pass rate
Leicester (Wigston) Driving Test Centre                                                    44.90% pass rate
Leighton Buzzard Driving Test Centre                                                       49.30% pass rate
Lerwick Driving Test Centre                                                                       73.20% pass rate
Letchworth Driving Test Centre                                                                  45.90% pass rate
Lichfield Driving Test Centre                                                                      55.00% pass rate
Lincoln Driving Test Centre                                                                        54.80% pass rate
Llandrindod Wells Driving Test Centre                                                       66.70% pass rate
Llanelli Driving Test Centre                                                                        52.20% pass rate
Lochgilphead Driving Test Centre                                                              73.30% pass rate
Longbenton Driving Test Centre                                                                50.20% pass rate
Loughborough Driving Test Centre                                                            52.80% pass rate
Loughton Driving Test Centre                                                                    47.30% pass rate
Louth Driving Test Centre                                                                          61.90% pass rate
Lower Gornal Driving Test Centre                                                             51.80% pass rate
Lowestoft Driving Test Centre                                                                   50.60% pass rate
Ludlow Driving Test Centre                                                                        53.10% pass rate
Luton Driving Test Centre                                                                          43.60% pass rate


Macclesfield Driving Test Centre                                                               54.60% pass rate
Maidstone Driving Test Centre                                                                  55.60% pass rate
Mallaig Driving Test Centre                                                                         UNKNOWN -
Malton Driving Test Centre                                                                         61.30% pass rate
Melton Mowbray Driving Test Centre                                                          62.70% pass rate
Merthyr Tydfil Driving Test Centre                                                              60.80% pass rate
Middlesbrough Driving Test Centre                                                            51.00% pass rate
Mill Hill Driving Test Centre                                                                        44.70% pass rate
Monmouth Driving Test Centre                                                                  59.30% pass rate
Montrose Driving Test Centre                                                                    61.10% pass rate
Morden Driving Test Centre                                                                       48.00% pass rate

Driving test centre pass rates in the IUnited Kingdom

Driving test centre pass rates vary across the nation


Nelson Driving Test Centre                                                                        52.50% pass rate
Newbury Driving Test Centre                                                                     55.00% pass rate
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Driving Test Centre                                             47.90% pass rate
Newport (Gwent) Driving Test Centre                                                        52.90% pass rate
 Newport (Isle of Wight) Driving Test Centre                                             53.20% pass rate
Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre                                                             62.10% pass rate
Newton Stewart Driving Test Centre                                                          58.50% pass rate
Newtown Driving Test Centre                                                                    63.80% pass rate
Norris Green Driving Test Centre                                                               6.00% pass rate
Northallerton Driving Test Centre                                                               61.30% pass rate
Northampton Driving Test Centre                                                               53.20% pass rate
Northwich Driving Test Centre                                                                     57.70% pass rate
Norwich Driving Test Centre                                                                         56.90% pass rate
Nottingham (Chalfont Drive) Driving Test Centre                                         52.00% pass rate
Nottingham (Colwick) Driving Test Centre                                                    52.20% pass rate
Nuneaton Driving Test Centre                                                                     52.80% pass rate


Oban Driving Test Centre                                                                            59.50% pass rate
Orkney (Kirkwall) Driving Test Centre                                                         63.10% pass rate
Oswestry Driving Test Centre                                                                     57.10% pass rate
Oxford (Cowley) Driving Test Centre                                                           54.10% pass rate


Paisley Driving Test Centre                                                                         39.70% pass rate
Peebles Driving Test Centre                                                                       55.00% pass rate
Pembroke Dock Driving Test Centre                                                           58.00% pass rate
Penzance Driving Test Centre                                                                     53.40% pass rate
Perth Driving Test Centre                                                                            51.00% pass rate
Peterborough Driving Test Centre                                                               51.30% pass rate
Peterhead Driving Test Centre                                                                    59.40% pass rate
Pinner Driving Test Centre                                                                          51.00% pass rate
Plymouth Driving Test Centre                                                                     44.60% pass rate
Pontefract Driving Test Centre                                                                    45.70% pass rate
Pontypridd Driving Test Centre                                                                   54.90% pass rate
Portsmouth Driving Test Centre                                                                  49.00% pass rate
Preston Driving Test Centre                                                                        50.00% pass rate
Pwllheli Driving Test Centre                                                                         62.50% pass rate


Reading Driving Test Centre                                                                        52.30% pass rate
Redditch (Worcs) Driving Test Centre                                                         46.30% pass rate
Reigate Driving Test Centre                                                                        54.80% pass rate
Rhyl Driving Test Centre                                                                             41.70% pass rate
Rochdale Driving Test Centre                                                                     41.20% pass rate
Rotherham Driving Test Centre                                                                   47.40% pass rate
Rothesay Driving Test Centre                                                                      UNKNOWN
Rugby Driving Test Centre                                                                           54.10% pass rate


Sale Driving Test Centre                                                                              49.50% pass rate
Salisbury Driving Test Centre                                                                       54.90% pass rate
Saltcoats Driving Test Centre                                                                       55.60% pass rate
Scarborough Driving Test Centre                                                                 53.80% pass rate
Scunthorpe Driving Test Centre                                                                    47.20% pass rate
Sevenoaks Driving Test Centre                                                                    54.30% pass rate
Sheffield (Middlewood Road) Driving Test Centre                                         54.60% pass rate
Sheffield (Parkway) Driving Test Centre                                                        53.00% pass rate
Shrewsbury Driving Test Centre                                                                    53.40% pass rate
Sidcup Driving Test Centre                                                                            48.70% pass rate
Skegness Driving Test Centre                                                                       63.60% pass rate
Skipton Driving Test Centre                                                                           51.20% pass rate
Slough Driving Test Centre                                                                            50.40% pass rate
South Norwood Driving Test Centre                                                              46.20% pass rate
South Shields Driving Test Centre                                                                 50.60% pass rate
South Uist Island Driving Test Centre                                                              UNKNOWN
Southall Driving Test Centre                                                                           49.10% pass rate
Southampton (Forest Hills) Driving Test Centre                                             49.60% pass rate
Southampton (Maybush) Driving Test Centre                                                 55.40% pass rate
Southport Driving Test Centre                                                                        50.70% pass rate
St Albans Driving Test Centre                                                                        43.00% pass rate
St Helens Driving Test Centre                                                                         51.40% pass rate
Stafford Driving Test Centre                                                                            55.10% pass rate
Stevenage Driving Test Centre                                                                        39.80% pass rate
Stirling Driving Test Centre                                                                             45.00% pass rate
Stoke on Trent Driving Test Centre                                                                  46.60% pass rate
Stornoway Driving Test Centre                                                                        53.00% pass rate
Stranraer Driving Test Centre                                                                          70.50% pass rate
Sunderland Driving Test Centre                                                                       49.40% pass rate
Sutton Driving Test Centre                                                                               50.30% pass rate
Swansea Driving Test Centre                                                                           55.30% pass rate
Swindon Driving Test Centre                                                                            55.40% pass rate


Taunton Driving Test Centre                                                                             58.10% pass rate
Telford Driving Test Centre                                                                              51.60% pass rate
Thurso Driving Test Centre                                                                              54.70% pass rate
Tilbury Driving Test Centre                                                                               44.20% pass rate
Tolworth Driving Test Centre                                                                            52.90% pass rate
Trowbridge Driving Test Centre                                                                        55.10% pass rate
Tunbridge Wells Driving Test Centre                                                                 61.20% pass rate


Ullapool Driving Test Centre                                                                              UNKNOWN-
Upton Driving Test Centre                                                                               51.20% pass rate
Uxbridge Driving Test Centre                                                                           51.60% pass rate


Wakefield Driving Test Centre                                                                          43.40% pass rate
Wallasey Driving Test Centre                                                                           46.50% pass rate
Wanstead Driving Test Centre                                                                         36.70% pass rate
Warrington Driving Test Centre                                                                        50.00% pass rate
Warwick Driving Test Centre                                                                            58.10% pass rate
Watford Driving Test Centre                                                                             52.90% pass rate
Wednesbury Driving Test Centre                                                                      39.00% pass rate
West Didsbury Driving Test Centre                                                                   45.10% pass rate
West Wickham Driving Test Centre                                                                  55.50% pass rate
Westbury Driving Test Centre                                                                           57.00% pass rate
Weston-Super-Mare Driving Test Centre                                                          53.70% pass rate
Whalley Range                                                                                                  UNKNOWN
Whitby Driving Test Centre                                                                                63.00% pass rate
Whitchurch Driving Test Centre                                                                         54.10% pass rate
Wick Driving Test Centre                                                                                   56.40% pass rate
Widnes Driving Test Centre                                                                               46.30% pass rate
Winchester Driving Test Centre                                                                         50.50% pass rate
Wolverhampton Driving Test Centre                                                                  51.50% pass rate
Wood Green Driving Test Centre                                                                       38.20% pass rate
Worcester Driving Test Centre                                                                           51.20% pass rate
Workington Driving Test Centre                                                                         52.70% pass rate
Worksop Driving Test Centre                                                                             51.40% pass rate
Worthing Driving Test Centre                                                                              53.00% pass rate
Wrexham Driving Test Centre                                                                             42.70% pass rate


Yeovil Driving Test Centre                                                                                   57.80% pass rate
York Driving Test Centre                                                                                     55.20% pass rate

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Practical driving test centre pass rates - detailed here from A - Z

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